About Us

Anna Colao

After school refusing on and off for 5 years, I left school at 16 with only my GCSEs and a firm belief that the education system was not for alternative thinkers. During my time away from formal education I gained experience in charity work, community projects, fund raising, event organising, interfaith work and youth activities.

Whilst in Nepal I developed and ran a program to support street children during a time of civil unrest which included care for their day-to-day well-being, in terms of food and hygiene, as well as emotional support, mentoring and language tuition.

With a passion for new education models I returned to education at 23 and gained a first for my thesis research into the happiness and well-being of pupils in the14-19 citizenship curriculum. I have used Buddhist practice and meditation techniques for ten years and this, with my personal experience, has led me to creating a more holistic learning style. This in turn has brought me to developing alternative educational tools to combat 'one size fits all' education policies and curriculums.


16 Guidelines for a Happy Life

16 To Live By is one of a family of projects inspired by the 16 Guidelines programme created by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom. Since this programme was first launched in Sydney, Australia in 2006, over 5000 publications have been distributed in 5 different languages, and there have been more than 70 training events in 23 different countries.

Visit www.16guidelines.org for a range of publications for children and adults; details of past and future training courses; and stories of how the 16 Guidelines have been taken into schools, colleges, prisons, hospices, the workplace and the home. There is also a review of the 16 To Live By magazine by Molly Aldam, a 17-year old student.

You may notice that there's even been a sister project called 16 To Live By for young people in Malaysia.


Music Industry Experience

Having been producing music for several years, Paul Lewis has developed engineering skills that have been utilised for Dented Records, an established independent record label. Dented Records is based at the prestigious Strong Room Studios in London. In recent years the studio has been used by artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, Craig David, Hot Chip, Natalie Imbruglia, Klaxons and many more.