Universal Education France Going Strong

Education Universelle France secretary Nicholas Brun reports:

In June, Françoise Normand and Christophe Bertraneu offered a wonderful 16 Guidelines Level One workshop at Institute Vajrayogini, Lavaur, France, with 26 participants. Christophe reported that the participants worked so well together that the course almost seemed to ‘run itself’(!) and their enthusiasm was felt in the whole building. They took away simple and effective strategies and tools to benefit themselves and their communities, and there was a sense that the course did not really finish but would continue running in their daily lives.

Next, we had our annual summer camp at Institute Vajrayogini - always exhausting but so fruitful!

The summer camp was attended by around 15 adults and 15 children, some of who had already attended last year’s summer camp. Our theme was the ‘Emotions Tree’ - based on The Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion (the pedagogy of Creating Compassionate Cultures, an FDCW-recognised programme, developed by Pam Cayton and the teachers at Tara Redwood School in Soquel, California).

We explored our emotions and how they can create peace and happiness, as well as their ‘shadow’ side, using drama, arts, Transformative Mindfulness Methods (another FDCW-recognised programme, developed by Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw), yoga and games. It was very exhausting, but the team of volunteers was fantastic at keeping it all together. Here is a little video to get a sense of the ‘energy’: