Online Certification Course in Creating Compassionate Cultures

The first online Certification Course in Creating Compassionate Cultures begins on March 31st.

Do you remember the first time you thought, “I want to change the world... I’m going to make it a better place!”? Did you believe it was really possible? Do you still? If yes, here is a practical opportunity, newly available to anyone in the world who wants to turn such aspirations into reality.

The Online Institute for Creating Compassionate Cultures (OICCC) has been set up to provide a philosophical foundation, practical tools, experience and community for anyone who wants to take the Universal Education approach developed by Pam Cayton and the Creating Compassionate Cultures team to their corner of the globe.

OICCC is the place where you can:
1.) deepen your understanding of the wisdom that infuses our compassion
2.) explore your potential in offering that compassion and wisdom to others
3.) develop the awareness and basic tools to apply this in a universal way to your own unique community, profession, family, and in your own life

As participants embark on this in-depth twelve-month program, they will discover the CCC global community, explore how to collaborate on projects, and experience the reality of our ability to change the world from the inside out.

The certification programme includes:
•    original CCC content, including audiovisual material
•    mindfulness and reflection practices
•    the latest research from leading neuroscientists, educators and psychologists
•    practical tools for bringing CCC into life in your unique setting
•    ongoing discussion forums that build connections with CCC consultants and the global CCC community
•    engaging exercises, curriculum development, project design and assessment practices
Enroll now at or contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.