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Awareness of death: Coming nearer to life
Awareness of death: Coming nearer to life

by Pilar Páramo

Dying and Death confront everybody.

Death is normal. Death may be the enemy, but it is also the natural order of things. I knew these truths abstractly, but I hadn’t been exposed to them.

I enrolled in the course because I wanted to be honest with myself. There is no escaping from the tragedy of life. The fact is that we start ageing from the day we are born. 

Being on the course was like pulling back the veil and examining what is most confusing or disturbing in my daily life, and making sense of the relationship with my father. Trying to cope with troubling emotions such as anger and guilt, and especially the feeling of fear.

When my father passed away I was prepared to help him because I had learnt how to be in tune with his physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs, only because I had clarified my needs first.

I had never seen anyone die before and when I did it did not come as a shock thanks to the course I had attended

Bruno taught me that being capable of accepting distressing emotions results in being intimate with myself and therefore with others. As a member of the UECW group in Madrid, Spain, we always put this into practice. 

By the end of the course I came to the conclusion that purifying and pacifying “the little death” (as Bruno called the conflicts we strive with) is being open to whatever may arise wherever you are. Everything is precious, even if we quarrel or have a fight. Now I can solve the problem at a higher speed.

The way Bruno brings the subject of living and dying into existence is a piece of art. He breaks down several approaches to convey complex topics in the easiest way.

Through practical activities, intricate matters such as the moment of your own death take shape in a meaningful and sometimes unexpected way.

His ability to guide us wisely comes from him being technically skilled and able to solve difficult problems due to his extensive professional and personal experience on this subject.

All in all I must say the course and the retreat improved my life. Now I accept that everything changes all the time and this helps me to stay grounded. It has opened the door to important matters as how I would like to spend the days I have in a meaningful way.