UM for children in Ibiza
UM for children in Ibiza
UM for children in Ibiza

In Ibiza, Spain

By Belén Köhler


Good news from Universal Mandala: a second fortnightly Universal Education class for children started this summer in the centre of Ibiza. And after only 3 months the waiting list for next year’s class is so long there are even plans for a third class. It seems that children and their families really feel the benefit of the Universal Education principles in their life. Parents are amazed at the transformation they see in their children and start changing too, happily offering their free time to do maintenance work in the school and garden. There is also a growing number of support teachers called ‘Guides’, helping run these classes. Here are some quotes from their experience working in this Universal Education educational model at Universal Mandala and what it means to them:


Giorgia Costa (preschool Guide at UM): “This is an incredible experience: helping children connect with their values. To see, feel and connect with their Namaste qualities helps me connect with my inner child. That inner child that I´ve been missing for such a long time, it is now with me everyday! I am extremely happy to come to work every day. Even when finishing very tired everyday I rejoice in every single experience, in each smile, in every discovery children share with me. I am really grateful for this opportunity and amazing experience working at Universal Mandala. This for sure is giving me the opportunity of being the human being and the person I really want to be!"

Ana Camarena (kindergarten Guide at UM): “What can I say… this is the beginning and the end of this current life. And hopefully with my work at Universal Mandala I am creating the karma allowing me to come back again to planet earth to support this amazing work and unique program. Since I met Belén and Universal Mandala in 2010 my life has definitively changed. I see in each human being the precious wise and kind nature of the human race, and it is a privilege to work with that nature every day. When looking into children’s eyes I see masters… in every single one of them. They are my masters with a shiny diamond in their hands. I know that through this educational model, which Universal Mandala offers, I can guide them to polish and make their diamonds brighter! Making this world into the world they deserve, a world that we all deserve.”

Kalyani Kima Massolo (preschool Assistant at UM): “I´m very new working in this Universal Education approach that Universal Mandala offers to children and adults. I have been following the processes children and parents have gone through in just three months and the change I feel is amazing! Children and families from all over the world are helping each other, working together, wanting to make each other happy: sharing, hugging, supporting… and they just met three months ago! And they do not even talk the same languages… I think the unique approach and the parents sessions are the key to create this kind of community.”