16G Level 3 training
16G Level 3
16G Level 3

By Mabel Odessey

The 16G Level 3 training in October was like a dose of rocket fuel! The facilitators, Marian O’Dwyer, Wendy Ridley and Valentina Dolara, all demonstrated different aspects of the Guidelines and how each, in their individual style, used them. Each spoke from the heart and infused us with their enthusiasm and sparked our creativity by sharing their experiences. They also shared some wonderful online resources to learn more about neuroplasticity, psychology, a brain gym and more.

The group of participants was also inspiring, coming from several different countries and different backgrounds. The creative soup was fantastic; each activity benefited from this synergy, and in the evening participants shared their projects and ways of working. I can say that we all felt plugged into the 16Gs, and our interactions were meaningful.

The Guidelines are inspiring; I keep the cards on my desk to remind me to trust and use and whichever Guideline I have chosen for the day or week in my interactions. A small but powerful way to change the way we think, approach different situations, and reframe difficult ones.

One project I am working on here in France is with primary-aged children I work with weekly. The main focus of these 45-minute sessions is learning English; however we start each session with mindfulness and a short question to help them think about their motivation, and finish with some rejoicing (High Fives!) and a dedication. I integrate the 16G into the learning through a project-based approach, and they seem to be enjoying it and hopefully assimilating some of the ideas.

We are working to first transform our own minds, to then be able to transform our interactions, and our families, communities and society. The 16G is such a humble and honest place to start and the scope is only limited by how deeply one decides to explore and use these tools. BIG THANKS 

Some quotes to share from L3 Europe participants

“I enjoyed the group work and discussions that allowed me to go deeper into the subject areas”

“…. it was nice to be reminded of the following: realising how ethical they (16G) are, how their use will affect our life on a global level, naturally; bringing peace & reflection; how embodying the 16G is a way of teaching them”

“Thank you so much for a great and very inspiring weekend. I really enjoyed it very much and am looking forwards to being more involved in the teaching of 16G.”

“I very much enjoyed the course and it was great to get to know you all in person. I'm looking forward to continuing this UE journey as a facilitator”.