Education Universelle France (EUF): Le Salon D’Humain Conference
Education Universelle France
Education Universelle France


16G at Education Universelle France (EUF): Le Salon D’Humain Conference, Toulouse.

On March 18th - 20th was the second edition of the annual Salon d’Humain in Toulouse.  The Salon brings together associations and businesses in the fields of alternative medicine, science, food, and education. Their slogan roughly translated is ‘think and act differently for well-being.’

EUF (Universal Education France) has been present at the salon since its inception. This year there was a marked increase in visitors of all ages from diverse backgrounds looking for ways to change and improve their lives. Most people had never heard of us or FDCW. The 16G cards were a great way to engage with people and introduce them to our programs. 

There were conferences on offer and free short workshops. I ran a 16G taster session, with around 40 people, I had limited the sign-up sheet to 20 but when I got to the space there were already so many people sitting around waiting I couldn't throw them out. I think the depth and simplicity of the guidelines shone through, people were able to connect with them in a personal way and we spread some good energy and shared information.