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new: Educación Universal
new: Educación Universal

The legal paperwork to establish the newly born Educación Universal in Argentina goes ahead.
As our team is committed in keeping our activities continuing we share with great joy the restart of the TMM/16G Support Group’s monthly meetings in March 2016, second year running. 


Meet our Support Group team: Gabita, works as a professional personal assistant for the blind, and Gabi, who is a therapist, specialises in multi-disabilities. Both Gabita and Gabi are now in charge of the first UE Support Group in Patagonia. They both have attended TMM, 16G, BoB workshops and organized a Universal Education day retreat for educators in 2015. 

In 2013 and the beginning of 2014 a committed TMM/16G participant, Patricia Cogni, offered her space and skills to promote the gathering of people that had attended a TMM or 16G Level 1 workshops. With the objectives set in collaboration with Dekyi Lee Older Shaw, a support group was initiated  in June 2014.

The group has continued to gather monthly for the past year and a half, with small breaks throughout the Holiday seasons.

The support group offers a space for practicing and sharing experiences in using TMM/16G and Universal Education tools, with the primary objective of having a once a month guided TMM exercise. It is open for people who have attended a workshop but also welcomes any new comer with interest in learning new tools for life. 

New comers learn how different people apply Universal Education tools on a regular basis after they have learned about them in the workshops. It helps awakening their curiosity and in many occasions their hope for inner growth or healing is nourished as well. As one of the TMM meditations is guided on every session participants are introduced to an exercise in a contained environment. For regular participants it represents the opportunity to fully engage with the meditation, which for some is the only time of the month they can do this without distractions. 

All gatherings involve the use of the 16G cards. Participants are encouraged to share how they use pre- post focus and questioning as well as sharing how the different TMM exercises have helped them through different daily challenges. 

After the guided exercise in small circles, allowing for confidentiality, participants answer specific questions on how the exercise affected their perspective. This creates a sense of sharing with others walking on a similar path. It also offers a space for developing further insight as a professional, as a coordinator or on a personal journey. 

Through motivation, circular wisdom and dedication a strong feeling of interconnectedness and compassion is created. 

It is the sincere hope of the team of Educación Universal Argentina that this encourages others to create UE Support Groups in other areas, like the local TMM Practitioner's Potluck in Canada, gradually creating one big Universal Education community.