Transformative Mindfulness very popular
Transformative Mindfulness
Transformative Mindfulness

Transformative Mindfulness is very popular at the Institut Vajra Yogini, France.

I offer 4 weekend courses a year with 20 people taking part in each workshop and a waiting list for the next one. We are trying to create the same interest in the Centre Kalachakra, Paris. The reason for this is the wave of mindfulness teachings is touching a larger public than before. There are articles on mindfulness in the main newspapers and magazines and even on the TV. During a two-day course I introduce the 5 main Transformative Mindfulness practices to the participants as well as the basis for awareness meditation and self-compassion meditation. Looking within and then via the body sensations, one can begin to see what is just a story and what is our natural, open self, ready to accept our imperfections with a loving heart. Lila Segria has assisted me by offering her talents to the group with short sessions of facial massage and mindful stretching. Movement and touch enhance the message of taking care of one self.

by Hilary McMichael,
Transformative Mindfulness facilitator