Report from the 16 Guidelines Level 3 training in Canada

As part of the 16 Guidelines strategy to increase the 16G Accredited Faculty, Marian O’Dwyer travelled to Canada to deliver a Level 3 training to a small and very active group of facilitators who have been working with the 16G in North and South America for many years now.

Level 3 is the final step in the 16 Guidelines Training Pathway. This workshop offers theory on and practice in facilitation skills to enable clear and confident delivery of the 16G Level 1 workshop.  

We asked one of the participants, Denise Flora, to tell us a bit more about here experience attending the workshop. Here is what she wrote:

“What did I get out of the 16G Level 3 training in Canada in May?
Connections, Confidence, and Courage.

After a decade of being one of a handful of people in the US involved with the 16G it was reinforcing to connect with Canadian sisters and brothers as well as travellers from Europe and South America. I was re-inspired by our trainers Marian and Craig and by the capabilities, commitment and enthusiasm of the diverse group of participants - many of whom I had worked with by email, Skype, or during the 16G Facilitators Forums, but had not met in person.

This connection and in-person feedback gave me confidence that I was keeping in-tune and up to speed on broad issues as well as details. That in turn gave me the courage to move ahead with projects of my own, such as the children's book Blue Marble Memory, and an adult 16G practitioner ideas book. This gathering also sparked several new collaborations among participants, such as sharing materials on our local projects related to 16G, food and mindfulness. Thanks to all for making the training happen, and for the connections, confidence and courage!”

Horses and Guidelines
Speaking of Canada, we also wanted to share the first ‘16 Guidelines meets Equine-Assisted Learning Workshop’ that took place in June. Here a picture that captures it. The next one will take place in October.