A community of practice in Argentina

The foundation Educación Universal en Argentina is eagerly waiting for its final approval from Federal and State entities to start carrying out activities under that legal structure. In the meantime…

We continue to meet and nurture a community of practice, and we celebrate our first seminar Introduction to Mindfulness.

A few years back Dekyi Lee Oldershaw suggested that by creating support groups after a Transformative Mindfulness workshop you would start to generate small communities of practice.

Through the support of an international benefactor a manual for coordinating such communities was developed. With that support the group in Patagonia, Argentina started gathering once a month, and we have been doing so for over a year.

All our seminars, as well as our support group, sit on the pillars of the principles of FDCW and are based on the Transformative Mindfulness Methods and 16 Guidelines programmes. The group sessions create a warm environment where ideas and resources for our practice can be exchanged, as well as providing a space for skillful social encounter and group practice.

Since our first meeting the group has continuously grown and drawn interest from people in the local community that are curious about what we do and the changes they see in the people attending. We often get queries from people wanting to find out what tools they can incorporate in their lives to be more at peace, or healthier.

Sessions are always open to newcomers and, after a year of regularly meeting, we felt that the need to deepen our understanding of the various programme tools became a priority.
So on Saturday October 15, our first Introduction to Mindfulness seminar took place.

We reflected on what matters in our lives, what motivation is and what our personal motivations are. We practiced simple exercises focusing on our posture; on understanding presence; on how to use breathing as our anchor; and how to relate with gentleness, curiosity and loving kindness to what arises in our field of experience.

With time for sharing in smaller groups and closing with a circle of wisdom, we learned how to listen mindfully to others.

Participants found this session very helpful and we hope that this work will continue helping the community for years to come.

With lots of love,
EUA team
Ceci Buzón, Gaby Amado, Gaby Mansilla and Alejandra Almada