From 16G participant to 16G facilitator

From participant to facilitator: Sabri’s 16 Guidelines experience

Sabri De Chirico, from Italy, joined the FDCW team in 2014 and in this article she shares a poetic account of her personal experience of becoming a 16 Guidelines facilitator.

How was my journey from participant to facilitator?  I can only describe it as two years of pleasant and ever changing inner transformation. A big jump, landing on a field full of petals of light.

Level 1

Two years ago in 2014, I am comfortably seated on a comfy chair listening outside and inside to my life’s tunes. I am in Liverpool, at the 16 Guidelines Level 1 being led by the lovely Wendy Ridley.

I am there, on this chair, watching the slides, listening to English words that I still don’t fully recognise. But the warm environment, group practice, the possibility of encountering myself, welcoming others, feeling free to connect with my deepest core brings me beyond the sound, and allow me to “feel”.

I feel Patience, Humility, Courage, Aspiration and the other 12 Guidelines that every day entwine my life’s episodes, shape emotions and become lights to switch off the darkness.

I go back to London ready to live, to challenge myself to find happiness in every next difficult moment with the new tools I just learnt.

Level 2

The Level 2 arrived later that year. The work went deeper, the tools more familiar. The domain of myself and of reality became more tangible. At the end of the workshop I gained a sense of expansion and greater self-awareness.

From this open heart a new need arises: a strong desire to transmit to as many people as possible all the benefits of this great opportunity given to me. The wish to help others help themselves.

Level 3

With this high motivation all the possible synchronicities happen and the universe’s generosity brings me to Canada. With my heart full of gratitude and the will to grow, I live that wonderful and indescribable experience of the Level 3: three intensive days, full of a sense of unity.

We are there all together, with lovely Canadian and American friends. Everyone brings his or her own wisdom, knowledge, and awareness. We help each other to bring out our highest capacity of service and help people in their inner growth.

This was the first course I took to become a facilitator. Suddenly from the comfy chair where two years before I was “simply” playing an instrument, I leapt onto the stage as an orchestral leader! A very clear shift, a completely new projection inside of me.

My first Level 1 as a facilitator

So powerful was this motivation that the occasion of putting it into practice arrived very soon: the opportunity of co-facilitating to finalise my accreditation.

In Italy, at home, in a comfortable room with the 16 Role models hung on the walls. Seated next to Marian, the experienced facilitator who has led hundreds of people worldwide to change their lives through the 16 Guidelines. She is now ready to teach to Maria Luisa (the other co-facilitator) and myself how to guide the participants through the maze of our difficulties.

Everyone sits on his or her chair, it reminds me of my first “school day” in Liverpool. Participants watch at us curious and unaware of what the workshop will bring. They smile. The energy is high, a sense of presence and focus. Everything flows smoothly; my heart vibrates and jumps at each new awareness reached by participants.

I grow seeing them grow, love spreads within myself seeing them loving themselves; I elevate watching their elevation.

I felt emotional seeing participants being more aware, full of hope and faith, more secure for having new tools to walk their path with light. I felt immense gratitude at being part of this process of development that would result in them taking the learning home.

My happiness is in this opportunity to help the world in a new way, different to and more effective than helping others in my daily life.

In essence, my experience in the 16G training pathway: “simply” universal love which manifests, grabs, shakes, wraps you, settles inside you and leaves pleasantly dazed and full of gratitude for everyone whom you come across.