A Mindful Conference

In April the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom, the Canadian national group, presented a panel discussion on the 16 Guidelines at A Mindful Society conference in Toronto, Canada.

Mindful Society is the largest mindfulness conference in Canada and brings together multidisciplinary practices of mindfulness, all asking the question, what would it look like to live in a mindful society?

This year's conference theme was, "Finding Common Ground". The panel was titled Turning Universal Wisdom and Compassion into Action: 16 Guidelines. The focus of the panel was to present the framework of the 16 Guidelines as universal, accessible and as a means to teach meditation in action.

Close to 70 people attended the talk, indicating that the appetite for practical and meaningful mindfulness tools is real and growing. Of particular interest from the discussion revolved around how to take the tools of mindfulness off the cushion. The panel discussed applications of the 16G from university programs, family integration, schools and the not-for-profit sector all of which have integrated the 16G as a way to shape culture and initiate individual transformation. Feedback afterwards was also very engaging, with many participants remarking on the need for values and virtues practices within the mindfulness field.

Many thanks to Arunas Antanaitis, Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, Craig Mackie, Sharon Babineau and Shelley Urlando. Special thanks to Dekyi-Lee who introduced the panel and provided insight throughout the topic discussion. It was also a very special time to launch the 16G app, with many participants downloading it!

Find out more about the conference by visit the website.

Upcoming Events

22/23 July
Ongoing University of Toronto 16G inspired programme
Embodying the Qualities of Mindfulness
Sarah Serbinski and Shelley Urlando

21/22 October
16 Guideline Level 1 - Hamilton, Ontario
Craig Mackie with Sharon Babineau and Elizabeth Skronski

Visit the Centre for Compassion and Wisdom website to learn more.

Past events include:

26/27 May
On-going University of Toronto 16G inspired programme
Embodying the Qualities of Mindfulness
Facilitated by Craig Mackie and Shelley Urlando

7-9 April
16 Guideline Level 1 - Ottawa Ontario
Facilitated by Craig Mackie and Shelley Urlando

29 April
Compassionate Communication half day Introduction
Facilitated by Henry Wu and Lori Goldblatt
The Compassionate Communication™ process supports empowerment, everyday peace making, conflict transformation, and healing. Developed by Dr Marshall Rosenberg, Compassionate Communication™ is practiced in 72 countries in family, workplace, community, activism, education, mediation, prison, and government settings.