The 16 Guidelines selector

How it works:

1. Bring to mind a challenging situation you are experiencing.

Maybe not the most difficult to begin with, but an issue that is regularly on your mind. This might be an unresolved issue from the past, something that has just occurred, or a situation that may arise in the near future.

2. Use the 16 Guidelines Selector to draw one of the 16 Guidelines at random, by playing the video and then clicking the pause button. Once the video is playing, you can also use the space bar to stop/start.

Here is your randomly chosen guideline.

3. Take a moment to consider what this guideline means to you.

4. Now consider your challenging situation in light of this Guideline - can you see a new perspective, a different approach, or even a solution? There may not be an immediate answer - sometimes it takes time for an insight to grow.

If nothing helpful occurs, or if you want a further perspective, choose another Guideline at random.

If you need inspiration, click here to read more about the various Guidelines.

We hope you find this useful!