“If you are not using all parts of your mind yet, it may be this class that will change your life. People can change, but they rarely do. This class on Corporate-Based Mindfulness would definitely increase the odds.” - Sam Chan, President, Applied Computer Online Services

The need

How many of us go to work in the morning with a sense of purpose and optimism, and go to bed at night feeling satisfied with the way that we spent our day? On the contrary, it is a fact that the 21st century workplace is often characterised by stressful relationships, ever-increasing expectations, information overload, and a bottomless inbox.

Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom aims to help leaders and managers actualise their potential for living a happy and meaningful work-life while performing at the highest level. It achieves this through bringing together the best of ‘Western’ scientific research in neurology, positive psychology and organisational studies with the most effective contemplative methods from ‘Eastern’ wisdom traditions.

What Universal Education offers leaders and managers

Universal Education provides programmes and resources that improve personal productivity and professional performance, demonstrating that it is possible to remain deeply focused, fully present, high-performing and at ease even in the midst of a busy working life. It is a smart way to be more successful in a world where getting the competitive edge does not depend simply on strategy and marketing, but on enabling every individual in the organisation to explore their potential and function at their best.

CEOs and senior managers can engage in a series of coaching sessions or commission a purpose-built intervention for their company which includes interactive workshops, follow-ups, and tools such as recordings, log books, manuals, and ‘Mindfulness in Action’ cards. Throughout, the focus is on developing a personal mindfulness practice combined with ethical values in a way that can transform both the individual and the team.

Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training (CBMT) is an FDCW-recognised programme developed by The Potential Project in Denmark, which has representatives in 19 different countries and works with multi-nationals such as Sony, Carlsberg and Google. Its work has been evaluated and verified by academic studies at the University of Cambridge and Copenhagen Business School. FDCW’s 16 Guidelines programme has also been successfully applied to values-based team-building and management development in SE Asia and Canada.


The benefits of CBMT identified by Professor Jochen Reb from Singapore Management University and Cambridge University include: significant improvements in job performance, work-life balance, focused attention, job satisfaction, organisational citizenship behaviour, commitment to the organisation, emotional balance, and lowered intention to quit the job.

Next steps

Get inspired by browsing the information and stories on this website, and find out more about FDCW-recognised programmes such as Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training and the 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life.

Participate in a Universal Education learning programme yourself. After building confidence and familiarity, you are welcome to share or adapt what you have learned in your own workplace.

Request FDCW to provide a learning programme that is specifically tailored to the needs of your organisation or senior management team.