“You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”- Marcus Aurelius

Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom emphasizes the personal exploration of reality through a process of logical reasoning and direct experience. This process is designed to lead each person to a deeper understanding of the nature of their mind and its functions, and a greater power to shape the way they live and relate to others. This understanding creates a more stable foundation for each person to express the universal human values of love and compassion, patience, tolerance, humility, forgiveness and joy in every aspect of life, which in turn are the foundation for peaceful and stable families and communities.

The content of Universal Education explores three main themes:

How to find Inner Happiness

  • how living in accord with ethical principles is fundamental to the experience of inner happiness and calm at the personal level, and indispensable for peace and stability in the family, community, society and world at large.

How to cultivate a Good Heart

  • how our innate capacity for kindness, love and compassion can be developed through reasoning and practice, based on the understanding that pro-social qualities and a sense of universal responsibility are essential to the survival and wellbeing of humanity and the ecosystem.

How to develop a Clear Mind

  • how the mind’s innate capacity for clarity, awareness and insight can be developed through training in attention, mindfulness, and critical reflection, rooted in a profound understanding of the interdependent nature of existence.

The content of these themes is rooted in the insights and methods of Buddhist philosophy and psychology, and draws on the findings of contemporary science and the universal wisdom of the world’s philosophical, spiritual and religious traditions.

The themes are underpinned by stories of people who have developed high levels of compassion and wisdom in their lives, which speak to the fundamental human need for inspiration and are particularly important when working with children and young people.

Throughout, Universal Education draws on a range of disciplines from East and West, such as meditation, counselling, mind-body therapies including yoga and qi gong, and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as emphasizing the importance of helping others through volunteer work and active participation in community projects.