“You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves.” -  Galileo Galilei

The methodologies used in Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom are designed to encourage critical enquiry and personal reflection. They are flexible and adaptable from culture to culture, depending on what is most effective in any country or region. They are also in a process of constant evolution, as our facilitators develop fresh ways to present ancient wisdom and contemporary science in ways that are suitable for modern audiences.

Mindfulness practice is central to all Universal Education programmes: unless each person can develop the ability to focus attention and observe what is actually happening in their mind, it is extremely difficult to bring about any deep-rooted and long-lasting change.

Other methods include:

  • drama and games
  • multi-media activities
  • cognitive techniques exploring how we assign meaning
  • use of a personal journal
  • discussion and debate

In every situation, the goal of Universal Education is to offer practical programmes and tools that are immediately applicable and relevant to modern life.