"Education is peace building by another name" - Kofi Annan

Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom is based on the following pedagogical principles, which are fundamental to its ethos and critical to its success.

  • Knowledge and understanding of our inner world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions is of equal importance to knowledge of the outer world.
  • An integrated and interdisciplinary approach to learning is preferable to one that fragments and divides knowledge.
  • All learning styles are valid, need to be acknowledged and should be nurtured.
  • Learning rooted in personal experience will be deeper and more effective than learning gained through indirect methods.
  • The intuitive wisdom of the individual can be strengthened and enhanced by dialectical discussion and debate exploring philosophical, spiritual, and ethical themes.
  • Creating communities of learning provides the opportunity for Universal Education methods and approach to influence group culture.
  • Teachers play a vital role as guides and role models, and should be encouraged and supported to cultivate curiosity and to be lifelong learners.