16G in Guadalajara


This month Martha Cabral led a 16G Level 1 workshop in Guadalajara. Afterwards, one of the participants emailed Martha:-

"I just want to share my enormous happiness, my heart is full of love and my mind is clearer than ever. I experienced some depression in the last months, because of the end of a relationship, my life was a mess, I couldn’t figure out what my purpose in life was, I was almost at the edge. 

I took this course without a lot of expectation. I just wanted to learn practical and useful tools on being a better person and being happy. As simple as that. It definitely beat my expectations.

I learned so much, I am happy, I am aware, I feel a little bit scared because its a new feeling but I’m in for it all. I want to feel like this many, many more days. And not live… just because.

I wanted my life to have a meaning and now I can see that there is a meaning.

Every person in this world should know about this course and take it! "
- Iris Symonds, 16G participant, Guadalajara, 2019

We think that Iris's experience will strike a chord with many people and she has agreed to let us use her feedback to inspire others to explore UE programs.

FDCW Admin