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Level 1: Finding Your Happy, and introduction to the 16 Guidelines in Italy

  • Presso Coop. Sociale IL PONTE Via Paolo Caliari, 25 37131 Verona VR Italy (map)

The 16 Guidelines workshop provides practical tools for a more meaningful, fulfilled life. The idea is simple: to change the way we experience the world, we transform the way we think, act, and relate to others to find meaning.

What to expect

This 2-day Level 1 will explore key attitudes for developing a mindful culture in our family and community, in education, healthcare, or business. The focus will be on mindfulness, enquiry and ethics using the 16 Guidelines (16G) which provide a framework for reflecting on the ways we think, speak, act and find meaning in life.

Learn how to:

·Increase emotional resilience and confidence

·Improve relationships

·Achieve a greater sense of well-being and purpose

Who is it for?

This retreat is suitable for people of all faiths and cultural traditions. It will incorporate a Level 1: Introduction to the 16G so is suited for those new to the 16G as well as anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of them or for those intending to become accredited 16G trainers.


Sabrina de Chirico and Maria Luisa Constantino - Sabrina and Maria Luisa are both accredited 16 Guidelines facilitators based in Italy. Maria Luisa started working as an educator and then a clinical pedagogist. She brings together scientific and contemplative practice with wisdom traditions. Sabrina was a former member of the FDCW team, she specializes in leadership, youth work, community and education.

Bookings and Cost

Standard fee is 80 euros.

For more information and bookings, please email  or call (+39 ) 328 4909659

In Italian

Se migliori tu, migliorano anche le relazioni e il mondo attorno a te: la tua vita cambia.

Due giorni tra Mindfulness e altre tecniche pratiche per prendere consapevolezza dei nostri atteggiamenti e schemi mentali e raggiungere maggior sicurezza in noi stessi.

Le 16 Attitudini

Come pensiamo

Come agiamo

Come ci relazioniamo con gli altri

Come troviamo il senso della vita

Strumenti pratici ispirati alla filosofia buddista per condurre una vita felice, nonostante le difficoltà quotidiane a casa, al lavoro, nella societa', nel mondo.

Il seminario sulle 16Attitudini è adatto per persone di ogni età, religione e cultura.