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Awareness of Death, Getting Ready and Finding Meaning in Life; Going Deeper

  • TEKCHEN CHÖELING Carrer de Tomàs Valls Ontinyent, Comunidad Valenciana, 46870 Spain (map)

This unique workshop is inspired by the methodology and vision of Universal Education. Focusing positively on our human potential and integrating the physical, the emotional and the rational aspects of who we are , we will explore the main themes of this workshop in an interactive, non dogmatic and experiential way.

What to expect

We will discover that cultivating close awareness of one's mortality and impermanence helps us  to see more clearly the things that really matter in life providing the catalyst for a focused, more meaningful existence and a growing  interest in living with more authenticity, courage and attention toward oneself and others.

Who is it for?

This retreat is for those who completed the Awareness of Death workshop facilitated by Bruno Rizzi in 2017.



Bruno Rizzi, Bruno has been practising Tibetan Buddhism since 1981  and was ordained for 7 years  while he studied  at Nalanda Monastery ( France).
Bruno has been working for 15 years as a palliative nurse at  Christophorus Hospice (Munich) and has over 10 years experience leading workshops and retreats on the topic of death and impermanence as an opportunity for finding meaning, growing  and transformation.

More info

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