Building Balanced Empathy


We examine what causes you to feel emotionally overwhelmed and conversely what makes you emotionally disconnect from others


Building Balanced Empathy is a course lasting 6 hours designed to explore empathy, vulnerability and emotional resilience. You will learn techniques empowering you to relate to others in a healthy and more balanced way.

With our varied learning materials and fun interactive exercises, you will learn how to empathize from your heart and from your head. We explore how to genuinely feel and understand the experiences and emotions of other people, allowing for more compassion towards oneself and others.

You will be able to integrate these techniques afterwards using a series of audio meditations available from our website.

This course will help you to develop:

  • a calmer, more focused mind
  • better self-understanding and therefore real empathy for others
  • identifying what pushes us out of balance allowing the space for wiser choices
  • stronger emotional resilience
  • closer, more nurturing relationships with family, friends and co-workers
  • more compassion for ourselves and others

“I learned I have a lot of misplaced or misguided empathy. I realize how much of a communication issue it is not necessarily an issue with feeling. I realized just how deep my need to fix everything goes, especially with role playing”- Linda Melisano, course participant, Florida, May 2019

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Building Balanced Empathy Overview

how you think - 16 guidelines mindfulness course

We’re all connected

How and why are we all connected?

how you act - 16 guidelines meditation course

Vulnerable and Resilient

Why vulnerable? Why resilient? How are vulnerability and resilience complimentary?

relationships & emotional intelligence - 16 guidelines course

Balancing Empathy

How does balancing empathy improve our life experience? How can we build balanced empathy?


Who is the Course for?

The Building Balanced Empathy course is for people of all ages and backgrounds.

It is designed for those who want to explore empathy, vulnerability and emotional resilience in a deeper way.

If you would like to host a Building Balanced Empathy course, please contact us.

Course Background

Building Balanced Empathy is a new course drawn from The a.r.t. of Fulfilment program which is a 30 hour course created by FDCW.

Program content is rooted in Buddhist philosophy and psychology and is supported by scientific research, Western philosophy and psychology, as well as other wisdom traditions.

It was developed by an international team with academic-level expertise in Buddhism, Western philosophy and psychology, contemporary science and experiential learning methodology.

Its creation was inspired by the Dalai Lama’s Mind & Life Dialogue