The a.r.t. of Fulfilment

Make a difference. Inside and out.


Beyond mindfulness and meditation...
The course explores three interconnected themes:

meditation for happiness - the art of fulfillment

Inner Happiness

Develop and live by positive values such as kindness and courage leading to real, lasting, meaningful happiness in daily life.

mindfulness for empathy - the art of fulfilment

Good Heart

Explore empathy and compassion and develop closer, more nurturing relationships with family, friends and community.

mindfulness for clarity and mental health

Clear Mind

Learn techniques to sharpen your attention and awareness and deal more effectively with challenging situations.


Tried mindfulness, MBSR or MBCT courses & looking for more?

Why The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is the ideal next step

Many of the participants on The a.r.t. of Fulfilment have been on a mindfulness course, meditation workshop or wellness retreat, and are seeking a deeper exploration into the topics that surround emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation. Some have tried our 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life app, others have tried yoga or CBT, and others may have never tried any of the above, but understand the importance of being informed, principled and considerate in today's modern world.

Whatever your previous experience, The a.r.t. of Fulfilment offers a substantive course that incorporates Buddhist teachings and philosophy, psychology and scientific research from world traditions into a thorough programme of strategies that you can use and build upon to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. While you'll use some of the techniques made popular in the mindfulness and TM (transcendental meditation) movements, you'll gain a deeper understanding of why these techniques work. You'll also learn about shifting your perspective, the (often global) consequences of your actions, and how to unpick social issues or subconscious prejudices that may be stopping you from living as your true authentic self and achieving your potential for great love and understanding.

Who is the course for?

The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is open to everyone regardless of background. It is ideal for those:

  • Seeking positive personal transformation
  • Looking to progress after an MBSR or other mindfulness course
  • Wanting to re-fresh their personal contemplative practice
  • Who care about climate change and social inequality
  • Teaching or supporting others in their job
  • Seeking to improve self-awareness and improve personal relationships
  • Building strong communities for positive change

What you will gain

This course is designed to:

  • Encourage you to make caring, principled and informed choices in daily life

  • Increase your resilience to anxiety and feeling overwhelmed

  • Help you learn to become aware of negative patterns of thinking
  • Develop techniques that you can use to address negative social conditioning
  • Teach you how to calm and focus your mind

Action, Reflection, Transformation – these are the key elements you’ll experience on this course. Go on a deeper exploration into how to live a happier, more fulfilling life and achieve your true potential. Beginning with an honest appraisal of your own life, this experiential course offers you strategies to make informed and considerate choices about yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

Inspired by the Dalai Lama’s Mind & Life Dialogues, this course aims bridge the gap between analytical thinking and contemplative understanding by bringing together Buddhist teachings, scientific research, and the world’s psychological and philosophical insights.

Whether you're an experienced practitioner of mindfulness, you're looking to expand on previous MBSR or MBCT training, or you've never tried meditation or other reflective practices, this course can help you develop long-term strategies that can lead to a transformative change in your everyday life. The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is about going beyond the self-help notions of emotional intelligence or meditation that look inwards at the self; through this course you explore not only what's inside of you, but how you interact with others and the world around you – and how the choices we make each day can have a profound and wide-reaching impact.


Course at a glance

  • Course approx. 40 hours
  • Combines Buddhist philosophy with scientific research, and psychological and philosophical insights from world traditions
  • Suitable for beginners through advanced
  • Study materials (audio exercises and reading lists) included
  • Additional levels under development

For an alternative, try 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life

Course structure

  • The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is a 40 hour course.

  • The course structure can be delivered in various formats, e.g. weekly or monthly sessions, or short retreats.

  • Additional levels under development.

How you will learn

This is an experience-based course using group exercises, discussions, guided reflections and contemplation practice.  You will receive study and audio materials so that you can deepen your understanding at home.


Course Facilitators

All a.r.t. of Fulfilment facilitators have an in-depth understanding of Buddhist philosophy, psychology and experiential learning methods. They have a wealth of experience in guiding others to explore the issues arising from modern life, how to explore potential and how to find more meaning and fulfilment.

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