Kitty D'Costa

Based in the Uk, Kitty is a trained accountant and manager with a deep interest in Education, Health & Social Care, Leadership, Youth and Community work.

From Kitty

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"Facilitation in UECW style is concise, dynamic, related and focused and mindfulness is central to all that is taught.  UECW style is based on self knowledge is just as important as knowing about the exterior world; that all learning styles are valid and should be cherished; learning rooted in personal experience is more likely to be remembered; learning is adapted to different cultures. 

As a facilitator, I’m responsible for creating an environment in which learning takes place that fulfills the motivation outlined below.  I’d place emphasis on creating an environment that is emotionally safe, confidential, boundaried, focused with inspiring materials and an engaging facilitation style.

My motivation and vision for working with the 16G as an accredited L1 Facilitator is to support human beings, including myself, to become more kind through the development of compassion and wisdom to achieve their full potential." 

Country of Residence: UK
Accredited to facilitate: Level 1
Languages: English