Elizabeth Skronski

Elizabeth pic.jpg

Elizabeth is an accredited 16G Level 1 facilitator based in Ontario, Canada. She is an experienced consultant and mindfulness coach. Elizabeth can deliver workshops in English and French

In Elizabeth words:

“The moment I was introduced to the 16 Guidelines, I knew I had found my Holy Grail. The 16 Guidelines are my compass to guide me in leading a meaningful and kind life. They are an integral part of my life and my developmental practice as a human being.

I strongly believe that corporations can have a huge influence on the world. My passion has long been to bring the 16 Guidelines to the Business and Corporate communities to support them in developing a compassionate culture and as such I co-developed a Mindfulness and Ethical Values in the Workplace workshop based on the 16 Guidelines. I also sat on the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom Training and Accreditation Advisory Committee.

Now that I have two wonderful grandsons, my desire to have a positive impact on the well beings of others includes working with youth and educators .”

Country of Residence: Canada
Speciality:l Leadership and Corporate work and Youth
Accredited to facilitate: Level 1
Languages: English and French