Marian O'Dwyer


Marian is a Senior Accredited Faculty member teaching all levels of 16 Guidelines and training our next generation of facilitators. Marian is based in Spain and delivers workshops in English.

From Marian

The 16 Guidelines workshops provide me the opportunity to share with others, methods and tools for inner and outer development, which will lead to a happier personal life and a more peaceful global community.

One of the important aspects of the 16 Guidelines philosophy is how we relate to and interact with others: and how together we can work in community to contribute to building a kinder and wiser world. The benefit and inspiration which I can both offer and receive in facilitating a 16 Guidelines workshop and mentoring participants, is a powerful opportunity to do just that very thing.

Country of residence: Spain
Speciality: Leadership, Community, Education
Accredited to facilitate: 16 G Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Building Balanced Empathy
Languages: English, French, Spanish

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