Angela Doyle

Angela Doyle is a 16 Guidelines Level 1 facilitator based in Australia. She can deliver workshops in English.

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From Angela

Navigating life is often about finding a balance between our heads and our hearts. My experience in science education and later in business management has shown me that living life just based on facts and figures is not enough and can lead to a life that is empty of meaning.

 The 16 Guidelines provide a well thought out framework for discovering how our thoughts lead to our actions, how these actions affect how we relate to others and then how we relate to others, determines how we find meaning in our lives.

 Through the development of mindfulness and other techniques, I hope to work with people using the 16 Guidelines, to help them to discover ways that they can make their lives better and to eventually find lasting happiness and meaning.

Country of residence: Australia
Speciality: Leadership, Community, Education
Accredited to facilitate: Level 1
Languages: English

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