Mike Murray


Born in Sri Lanka, Mike lives in London and has BA and MA degrees from the University of London. Mike is an accredited co-facilitator for The a.r.t. of Fulfilment Level 1 delivering with either Nat Bolokin or Ros Boughtflower. Mike delivers courses in English.

A good few years after university Mike settled into a career in public service middle management and small charity middle management.

He thinks that a rounded, emotionally and intellectually enhancing, universally useful education in key life skills is both necessary and inspiring and feels that The a.r.t. of Fulfilment delivers that.  He is concerned that too many people come out of the current education system knowing a lot of 'stuff' but with few key life skills such as compassion, emotional intelligence, flexibility and resilience.  

A practising Buddhist Mike is a recognised teacher of in-depth Buddhist courses within the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition.

He is also trained in the academic study of Buddhism. He has a particular interest in Buddhist ideas about growing and enhancing the basic goodness in all beings. 

Based in the UK Mike facilitates in English and is happy to to deliver programmes in Europe and to English speaking groups worldwide.

Country of residence: UK
Accredited to facilitate: The a.r.t. of Fulfilment
Languages: English

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