Sabreena Andriesz

Sabreena is an accredited 16G Level 1 facilitator based in Singapore. She is  passionate about partnering individuals and their organizations to live and work with authenticity and courage.

From Sabreena

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My passion for people development is reflected in how the 16 Guidelines workshop intersects science, mindfulness and strategies to fulfill individual potential.

A value for on-going learning is reflected in my aspiration to balance knowledge with wisdom and find opportunities to help others along the way. As a result, this passion is expressed in my work as an Executive Coach, Psychotherapist, Facilitator and Organizational Development Consultant. I enjoy serving professional communities through these various modalities and the support of adult learning in small and large groups.small and large groups.

Country of Residence: Singapore
Speciality: Leadership, Adult Education
Accredited to facilitate: Level 1
Languages: English