Oscar Barrera

Oscar Barrera, Ph.D..jpg

Oscar is an accredited 16G Level 1 facilitator based in Veracruz, Mexico. He can deliver workshops in Spanish and English in Mexico, US and all South American Countries.

He is a Ph.D in sociocultural anthropology and works in the corporate, business and educational sectors to ignite positive change. As an enthusiastic entrepreneur and consultant, his work is permeated by the 16G philosophy and Buddhist principles.  He is never amazed enough to see the impact of the 16G in peoples’ perspectives and lives overall.

From Oscar:

“I firmly believe that with consistency and the right tools, we all can change our lives to be happier. I have been working several years with the 16G in my native Mexico I can claim to be a “living proof” that they work!! From the moment I began integrating the guidelines into my ordinary life, I can say that now I spend my days with more ease and contentment. 

Country of Residence: Veracruz, Mexico
Speciality: Leadership, Education
Accredited to facilitate: Level 1
Languages: English and Spanish