Our Courses

Going beyond mindfulness, meditation and MBSR


Mindfulness courses and meditation classes can only take you so far.

FDCW programmes take you further than just looking inwards; we teach you how to make a wider impact.

Our courses are designed to enable positive personal and social change based on developing our universal human values. Although the courses cover topics such as emotional intelligence, mindfulness and meditation, they don't stop with self-improvement. The goal of our courses is to help you understand your place in the world around you, how your actions, thoughts and words impact others, and what you can do to improve our physical and emotional environment.

We offer two programmes based on Universal Education, a system founded by Tibetan Buddhist teacher Lama Yeshe who believed we all have an innate capacity for compassion and wisdom. By nurturing these qualities, we hold the key to developing a happier more peaceful world.

16 Guidelines for a Happy Life

The 16 Guidelines provide practical daily exercises designed to enhance your mental wellbeing, strengthen your emotional resilience and build positive relationships with those around you.

The programme includes workshops from level one to three that take place internationally, as well as a book, mobile app and study kit.

The a.r.t. of Fulfilment

On the a.r.t. of Fulfilment you go on a deeper exploration. Bringing together Buddhist teaching and scientific research you will learn techniques that can re-shape the way you experience the world and help unlock your deeper potential.

The a.r.t. of Fulfilment Level 1 is currently rolling out internationally.


Building Balanced Empathy

Building Balanced Empathy is a course designed to explore empathy, vulnerability and emotional resilience. Learn techniques to empower you to relate to others in a healthy and balanced way.

With our varied learning materials and fun interactive exercises, you will learn how to empathize from your heart and from your head.

Which course is right for you?

16 GuidelinesThe a.r.t. of Fulfilment
A simple, robust and flexible framework presented in a highly accessible way.A more in-depth study geared towards those seeking a more thorough exploration of a wider range of topics.
Short workshops, normally held over a weekend or few days / evenings (approx. 12 hours).Longer course format that also benefits from self-study
(approx. 30 hours contact time, plus 30mins per day self-study).
Designed to explore universal values that can empower you to lead a happy meaningful life.Designed to help you connect to the positive core of your being and live authentically without fear.
Gain practical tools you can use immediately.Develop long-term strategies to cultivate, embody and enact in daily life.
Inspired by 7th century Tibetan advice on wellbeing, and draws from Buddhist philosophy, ethics, scientific research and positive psychology.Rooted in Buddhist teachings and complemented by scientific research and world philosophy and psychology.
No prior experience needed; newbies welcome. Particularly suited to people wanting to try techniques that they can apply in the home, community, workplace or educational settings. Ideal for those who may have tried MBSR, mindfulness or meditation before and want to go deeper, although no prior experience is necessary.
Workshops involve partner and group work, mindfulness exercises, guided and individual meditations, as well as gentle movement and creativity exercises.Courses involve solo and group exercises, discussions, guided meditations, contemplation practices and further in-depth study in your own time.
All Level 1 participants receive a free set of 16 Guidelines cards.Additional study material, audio reflections and reading lists are provided.
After Level 1 you can try:
• the 16G app
• finding your Happy: an online 30 day journey into the 16 Guidelines
• Building on the Basics (BoB)
• Level 2 workshops
Level 2 and Level 3 courses are currently in development.
You can train as a facilitator by completing the Training Pathway and the Level 3 workshop.Training as a facilitator is by invitation only with strict eligibility criteria.