FDCW has a core team of four based in London, UK.

  • Executive Director - Victoria Coleman
  • Methodology Manager - Nat Bolonkin
  • Fundraising Manager – Izabela Seabrook
  • Operational Manager – Angela Sanchez
  • Communications and Marketing Manager - Meg Jackson

FDCW also works with a variety of consultants worldwide on specific projects.

Our Board

FDCW has eight Board members based in six different countries, who together offer a wide range of professional experience in areas such as: education; healthcare; finance and business development; marketing and communications; and non-profit management.

  • Robyn Brentano, Co-Chair (USA)
  • Jason Briggs (UK)
  • Oi Loon Lee, Co-Chair (Malaysia)
  • Shyla Mills (Australia)
  • Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw (Canada)
  • Fabienne Pradelle (USA)
  • Wendy Ridley (UK)
  • Stephen Wainwright (Switzerland)