Building Inner Strength: An online 30 day journey

Building Inner Strength: An online 30 day journey


You’re taking a step towards finding your happy!

This online course is a 30 day journey towards a new level of understanding of yourself and others, using guided reflections, mindfulness tools, journaling and innovative exercises.

It’s a combination of;

  • Thought provoking and insightful audio presentations

  • Scientific insights

  • Inspiring case studies

  • Practical exercises

  • Moments of reflection

  • Journaling

The kit is delivered through a series of emails.

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What’s in the course?

The course enables you to get moments of insight, understanding and clarity about your daily life, through three different types of tools:

1. Audio Presentations

A six-minute overview of the wisdom theme for the week. This introduces you to some of the key philosophical and scientific ideas which underpin the reflections.

2. Reflections

These are the heart of the course. Every week you’ll receive four twenty-minute reflections which provide you an opportunity to explore each of the 16 guidelines in a profound and personal way. It’s important to spread these out during the week.

The first part of each reflection introduces a simple mindfulness practice, based on timeless tools and techniques for calming and focussing the mind. This prepares you for the second part; drawing on traditional outlines and stories to stimulate you own enquiry into the meaning of each Guideline.

3. Journalling

Keeping a journal is strongly recommended as a tool for exploring the meaning, implications and practice of each guideline. Each week you will receive a set of journal prompts relating to the four Guidelines within that particular wisdom theme.

4. Study Guides

In addition to the presentation, reflections and journal prompts each week, you will also receive a brief written study guide that introduces you to the week’s activities.

The study guides also include a brief section called ‘Sources of Inspiration’ which highlight a few scientists, thinkers and writers whose books, films or websites you may find informative and inspiring.

How does it work?

Once you’ve made your purchase, your online course will be delivered to you via six emails over the following 30 days.

Your first email will include information about how to use the course, your personal checklist, and an introduction to the 16 Guidelines.  

The following four emails will be sent to you each week. In it you’ll find downloads to the;

-       study guide

-       audio presentation

-       guided reflections

-       journaling prompts

You might like to think of the course as a workout for your heart and mind; an opportunity to nourish your inner strengths and come out stronger as a result.

How long does it take?

To get full benefit of the course you will need to put aside 2-3 hours per week. (About the length of a movie – or cutting out 13 minutes of time on Facebook every day!)