Francesca Paoletti

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Francesca is from Italy, is an environmental engineer and currently works in Germany as a business consultant for the development renewable energy sources. Francesca is an accredited facilitator for The a.r.t. of Fulfilment Level 1 and Building Balanced Empathy delivering courses in English, German and Italian.

She has been Buddhist practitioner since 2010, her main motivation for facilitating The a.r.t. of Fulfilment is her direct experience of bringing an ethical foundation and a regular mindfulness practice into everyday life, and to a business context in particular as the best means to achieve a serene mind and ensure long-term burnout prevention.

Her main areas of interest are the transmission of ancient Buddhist wisdom into a secular and contemporary Western context, Western and Asian philosophical inquiry and the achievement of sustainability and an ecological awareness in daily life.

Francesca has completed the residential FPMT Basic Programme at Lama Tzong Khapa Institute in Italy, additionally earning accreditation from the University Sant’Anna in Pisa for the International Masters in the Preservation and Development of Wisdom Culture and the Art of Liberation. She is currently engaged in further advanced Buddhist studies, FPMT Masters Programme.

Country of residence: Germany
Accredited to facilitate: The a.r.t. of Fulfilment, Building Balanced Empathy
Languages: English, Italian and German

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