• Respect

    Syrian refugees Um Abdullah and daughter Maysaa pack for Germany under the resettlement program - FDCW commemorates World Refugee Day.

  • Empathy

    “I learned from my dog that we weren’t the only beings with personalities. What the chimps did was help me to persuade others.” - Jane Goodall

  • Generosity

    "The shortest distance between two people is a smile." - Victor Borge

  • Choice

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  • Wisdom

    “The most important education: how to develop a good heart, the nature and potential of the mind, and how we are each responsible for the whole world.” - Lama Zopa

  • Grounding

    Facing a challenge?

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The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom provides programmes and resources that promote:

  • mindfulness and self-awareness
  • emotional intelligence and resilience
  • empathy, kindness and social responsibility
  • harmonious and caring relationships
  • a greater sense of well-being and purpose

Content with this image of contentment? Share YOUR experience and understanding of contentment, Guideline number 3, from the 16 Guidelines programme with the FDCW community. Send us photos, drawings, cartoons, doodles, collages, musings, thoughts, quotes, poems, stories, songs etc. etc.   Click here for details.

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They say my work is just a drop in the ocean. I say the ocean is made up of drops

- Mother Theresa